Apple Font

Apple font is a set including a series of font products designed by Apple Inc which has used them in marketing, operating systems and industrial design. Font of Apple logo is one of the most familiar typeface to many people. The typefaces of Apple logo contain Apple Garamond, hand-drawn font similar to Caslon, and then gradually shift to the Myriad in marketing. In addition, about its operation system, preciously it used a typeface called Motter Tektura before the first Macintosh. Then with the Macintosh, Apple adopted Apple Garamond with narrower and taller x-height used in manuals, ads and labels. Later, Helvetica Black appeared to serve for the header text while Apple Garamond is used for the body text. But the true Apple Garamond font hasnt been released, therefore ,Gill Sans Regular is preferred to be used in logo, keyboard, advertisement and so on.

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